Complete remodel of a tiny home in Lavapiés, Madrid.

This house is located on Mira el Sol street, in the center of Lavapies, a historical neighbourhood in Madrid. The building, built in 1887, enjoys its own identity, with all the typical characteristics of the popular architecture of the late 19th century, so characteristic of this Madrid neighborhood. The corrala typology arose from the high demand for housing caused by the massive exodus of the population from rural areas and with few resources to the city. For this reason they are humble houses, with a wooden structure, a lack of natural ventilation and abundant small spaces, but at the same time they constituted very close social communities, with a very marked neighborhood spirit, a spirit that is still preserved.

The owner was looking for a comprehensive reform of her house with a double objective: Create an open and continuous space that would allow the house to be defragmented, eliminating the separation between rooms; and improve the storage problems it suffered. All of this had to be carried out during his two-month vacation stay in another city so that the house would be ready on his return.

That is why the project of the SOL house, which only has 27 m2, is proposed with the purpose of optimizing the distribution of the house as much as possible, to convert a very compartmentalized interior house with reduced spaces, into a more open one. and bright, flexible and transformable, capable of accommodating different situations and needs of use. To do this, the intermediate partitions are demolished, maintaining the load-bearing walls and original wooden pillars that preserve the identity of the building while organizing the space into 3 rooms: bedroom, living-dining room and kitchen. The function of each of these spaces is defined by introducing three pieces of furniture designed to meet the specific needs of each use.

Sol House

Complete remodel of a tiny home in Lavapiés, Madrid.

  • Project Type: Integral reform
  • Surface: 27 m2
  • Client: Private
  • Location: Barrio de Lavapiés, Madrid
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