Romanesque center of La Rioja Alta in Treviana.

1st Prize. National ideas competition for the new Interpretative Romanesque Center of La Rioja Alta in Treviana.

The project was conceived out of the need to revitalize the village of the España Vaciada. The extensive and participatory intervention aims not only to create a pole of attraction for visitors and new inhabitants, but also to offer the capacity to retain the youngest residents of the village and its surroundings.

Because of this, the project for the new Romanesque Center will transform the village and its surroundings, and includes:

– The rehabilitation of the parish house to house the new Romanesque Interpretation Center of La Rioja Alta and its Museographic project for the research, investigation, conservation and enhancement of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the region.

– The remodelling of Plaza de San Ildefonso San Millán y and the reform of the stairs that connect it to Constitution street.

– The restoration of the main facade of the Town Hall and the reform of its main access stairway from the Plaza San ildelfonso de San Millán.

Romanesque Center in Treviana

Romanesque center of La Rioja Alta in Treviana.

  • Project Type:Collaborations
  • Surface: 1000 m2
  • Client: Ministry of Public Works 
  • Location: Treviana, La Rioja
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